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Bird Dropping Cleaning & Prevention

Bird droppings, Guano, cleaning is essential, not only due to the unsightly nature but also due to health hazards. Expert management is a necessity due to the contaminants that are present in the bird droppings as well as often difficult places to reach due to the nature of where the birds rest.

 Bird dropping cleaning

Guano – Hazards

Health and safety concerns include:

  • Diseases – birds carry diseases such as psittacosis, cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis, all of which can infect humans. Psittacosis can be inhaled, making it dangerous to clean without expert protection.
  • Parasites and Insects – the guano itself, as well as bird nests, will harbour many different insects and parasites
  • Blocked gutters – the bird droppings, guano, can build up to an extent that drainage from your gutters becomes obstructed. Blocked gutters can bring with it other problems including damp.
  • Slip Hazards – Guano will be slippery, especially in wet conditions, any affected public areas should be guarded against build up to avoid injury.

Guano CleaningBird dropping cleaning3

Here at JBS Cleaning & Restoration, we are equipped to understand the methods required to control the contaminants involved in guano cleaning.

We offer a safe and hygienic cleaning solution to help rid your home, office or estate of the guano issue.


Bird Prevention

At JBS Cleaning & Restoration, we can offer prevention to bird infestations including:Bird dropping cleaning7


Bird netting

Bird spikes

Solar Panel Protection


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