JBS Cleaning Hythe CT21

Render Cleaning

JBS Cleaning are one of Kent’s professionals in the fields of modern-day coloured render cleaning, from Prorend to K-Rend, Monocouche, Wetherby, Weber & External Insulation.

IMG_2707JBS Cleaning Hythe CT21 have invested in equipment and studied unique application methods . We take a scientific approach to our render cleaning to ensure we don’t damage or discolour your property.

It can often be easy to forget about cleaning your commercial or residential building’s coloured render when maintaining a property. The time and effort which are required for the cleaning of larger buildings, or higher surfaces, is enough of a deterrent for many of us. However, JBS Cleaning can offer cost-effective solutions to your coloured render cleaning . Your cleaning will be done to a very high standard, and you will avoid both the risk of injury to yourself and the effort involved in a labour intensive job.


JBS Cleaning have studied the science behind organic growth of moss and algae, to ensure our coloured render cleaning service is the best. This has given us a better insight into understanding the most likely causing of your coloured render to discolour. To ensure that your render remains in top physical condition, we have developed unique treatments to keep your render free from both organic growths and discolouration.


JBS Cleaning Hythe can quote for your Modern Day Coloured Render work all over Kent in towns such as Hythe CT21, Saltwood CT21, Ashford TN23, Tenterden TN30, Wye TN25, Canterbury CT1 & surrounding areas.


The best part, our services come at an amazing price range