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Algae, moss & lichens

Why have your roof cleaned by JBS Cleaning?


Moss Cleaning Hythe, Kent CT21
JBS Roof Cleaners Hythe are specialists in roof cleaning, roof repair and the preservation of your roof. We are skilled professionals in renovating your home. Next time you are in the garden, take a look at your roof. If it looks aged, chances are that moss, algae and lichen have been hard at work, discolouring the tiles, and wearing them away. At JBS Roof Cleaners we specialise in the careful removal of moss, lichens and algae. Roofs laden with heavy moss soaked in rain water can give an increase weight burden to your roof. The moss can also stop the natural flow of water from your roof to your gutters, stopping the roof tiles doing the job they were intended for.IMG_2684

Roof Cleaning Hythe Kent CT21 

We are experts in the roof cleaning process. We can repair and replace damaged tiles as well as clean guttering and fascias. The roof cleaning process follows four basic steps to achieve the best results:

  • A roof survey & risk assessment is carried out, taking into consideration Health & Safety as well as a further consideration of the age and condition of the roof, plus the customer’s personal requirements
  • The roof clean itself removes algae, moss,  lichens as well as other dirt & pollutants
  • The cleaned roof is then treated with biocidal wash to help remove the more stubborn algae, moss & lichens as well as inhibit future growth
  • A final full site clean ensures your windows, gutters & drains are free from dirt & debris from the roof clean
  • No need to pay out huge sums for a new roof simply have it restored to its former glory.

Roof Repair Hythe Kent CT21

Give your roof the restoration process, we would be happy to give you a no-obligation quotation and inspection of your roof. At JBS we can remove any deteriorating mortar, repoint and replace any damaged tiles.

We are professional specialists in roof restoration. Let us, with our skills, knowledge and experience, make your roof look new again.

Roof Coatings CT21IMG_2644

To complete the renovation project, JBS use roof coatings & sealers. Our superior quality products are available in a range of colours. The coatings meet with the highest standards of quality, giving you complete peace of mind.
An application of two coatings not only makes your roof look as new, but it provides many years of protection against the elements & future damage from algae, moss and lichens.

Softwash CT21

JBS Moss Removal also offer the service of the soft wash technique using a special biocidal treatment, for the more delicate roofs, difficult to reach and those in busy traffic areas. This method is particularly beneficial as a roof maintenance option, keeping your roof in good condition. This has the ability to interrupt the reproductive cycle of common contaminants such as moss and lichens. This method gently cleans and restores the older roofs to their former beauty. The softwash method is a non-aggressive treatment which achieves impressive results whilst being safe for the environment.

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